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7 Summer Reading Suggestions

Ah, summer! It’s the perfect season for slowing down and rediscovering the joys of reading. In need of inspiration? Our IT team put together a list of suggestions to reach for while relaxing under your patio umbrella, on the balcony, or in the garden. 

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Your wellness journey starts with these spas

A look at four of our favourite spas in the country!

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Team Reading – Thing we've read and loved

In which we humbly provide reading recommendations, one department at a time

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Eating out in the city, the al fresco edition

Or where to turn for delicious, picnic-ready takeout

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Where to get that fine cup of coffee in Toronto

It really is the best part of waking up! Whether you like your coffee black as midnight on a moonless night or brimming with 100% organic nutmilk, Toronto’s coffee scene doesn’t disappoint.

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Discover: Montreal cafés

Discover four of @Kara_bino's favorite Montreal’s cafés. These cafés serve up delicious, hot beverages in wonderful atmospheres for those sweater weather days.

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