Leylah Fernandez x BonLook

Winning designs

Leylah Fernandez is a professional tennis player who started competing at 10 years old in her native Canada. The athlete won her first Women's Tennis Association match in 2018, and her ranking quickly shot up to 14th.

Leylah’s collection is all about oversized and angular eyewear, which strikes a perfect balance between vintage elegance and unconventional design. The colour palette encompasses a range of hues from classic metallics to a warm, authentic red and a timeless clear brown with a glossy finish. With this collection, we’re celebrating the downtime we all need to perform at our best and helping you enjoy those hours of rest and relaxation in style.

Leylah speaks three languages, advocates empowering kids through sports, is a true crime addict, and loves spending time with her family in Miami!

04The low bridge fit, explained

Perfectly adapted for low nose bridges and high cheekbones.

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